Who can use the Chalet

by | Mar 3, 2020

The Deed of establishment for the Under Privileged Children’s Trust states that the Chalet facilities may be used as short term respite accommodation for underprivileged, disadvantaged, chronically ill and disabled children and young adults, and their families and carers.

During the ski season (from the 1st Monday in June to the 1st Monday in October) preference will be given to recognised organisations (e.g. registered charities, schools and service clubs) that are providing services to those who fall into one or more of the categories set out in the Trust Deed.

From 1 March each year the Chalet Committee will consider booking requests for the upcoming ski season that are not from a recognised organisation provided the booking is in respect of individuals, families and carers, with or without their chronically ill and disabled children, and persons wishing to take adults with intellectual disabilities.  

Requests by others may also be given consideration by the Chalet Committee but will receive no priority over the groups identified in the Trust Deed.

When making a booking request please ensure that your response to the question ‘How do you meet the eligibility criteria?’ contains sufficient detail to enable your request to be given proper consideration. The booking decision will be made by a committee selected for the purpose by the Foundation Director responsible for this Trust.