The Apex Children’s Chalet Rules & Regulations

Any group or organisation of physically or mildly intellectually disabled people in any State of Australia can also apply for accommodation

1. Any underprivileged children’s organisation, in any State of Australia, can apply for accommodation at the Children’s Chalet, Smiggin Holes for up to one week.

2. Any group or organisation of physically or mildly intellectually disabled people in any State of Australia can also apply for accommodation as outlined in (1). However because of the difficulties associated with access over snow to the accommodation, use of the Chalet in winter for any physically disabled may be a problem.

3. The Chalet will be made available to wheelchair bound persons from any organisation in Australia. However, we should advise of the difficulty that can be had in winter months with transport over snow. We recommend wheelchair access in warmer months.

4. All groups will take out their own insurance to cover, travel, workers compensation, staff and voluntary workers as well as liability insurance for the conveyance of the children from their domestic residence to the Apex Children’s Chalet and return. They will not hold the Committee or the Apex Foundation liable for any accident, mishap or loss that may occur at any stage while they are within the precincts of the Chalet or the Region.

5. All organisations must supply their own supervisors, who preferably will be qualified to deal with the special needs of the children in their care and hold a current First Aid Certificate. The organisation will be held fully responsible for the conduct of their respective group whilst they are resident at the Chalet and when the children move around the Snowy Mountains area.

6. The Chalet may be available to children and young persons. If the children are of mixed sexes, it would be preferable if a married couple accompanied the group. If there are mixed sexes, there should be mixed sex supervisors.

7. Children under 6 years of age may be permitted to use the chalet if their older brother or sister is also using the chalet. In this case the parents or guardian of the under aged person should be part of the supervising adult group.

8. Each group resident in the Chalet must take their own linen, towels and pillow cases and provide their own food for the duration of their stay. No financial support will come from the Committee or the Apex Foundation. All expenses are the group’s responsibility.

9. Each group will maintain the cleanliness and good order of the Chalet. Prior to vacating, the Chalet should be vacuumed on all floors and stairs. The shower blocks and toilets should be cleaned. The Chalet is to be left clean and tidy for following groups.

10. A declaration of cleanliness for each group will be found on the noticeboard in the main living area. The supervisor for the group should inspect the Chalet before full occupation. Should any significant damage or unsatisfactory conditions he found these should be recorded in the declaration of cleanliness which will be signed and forwarded, together with the completed Accommodation Inspection Report to the Secretary as soon as practicable.

11. During heavy snow each resident supervisor is required, by the rules on entry, to initiate action with their children to clean down the fire escapes and rear balconies to be totally free of heavy snow bank-up. This is a requirement of the Board of Fire Commissioners.

12. Children or adults will not:

(a) run in the Chalet, particularly up or down the stairs, interior or exterior (the stairs can be extremely slippery during winter);

(b) use obscene or abusive language either inside or outside the Chalet.

13. At all times, the personal and individual conduct of persons using the Chalet must be exemplary for the good name of the Apex Clubs of Australia and the groups using the Chalet.

14. All children must be supervised in the bathroom area during personal bathing time.

15. Any child who becomes ill with any contagious ailment must be placed in the separate isolation room and the Chalet Committee must be informed by telephone of the nature of the problem.

16. All care must be taken with kitchen and laundry equipment to ensure it is not damaged and there are no accidents. The resident supervisor is held responsible to ensure that children are not allowed to work the machines, unless they are under the immediate and personal supervision of an adult.

17. On arrival a firewarden must be appointed by the group. All children in the lodge are to be processed through a nominated fire drill on the first day. The firewarden and/or group supervisor must be fully aware of the emergency procedure.

18. An emergency procedure and roll call list is included. You need to be familiar with the procedures and complete the roll call list which is to be used for the fire drill and in an emergency.

19. A control panel for the central heating system is located behind the mural on the 1st floor. These controls are preset by the Chalet Caretaker and are not to be altered without consultation with the Chalet Caretaker.

20. Each group is to nominate a supervisor who will indemnify the Apex Foundation and/or the Management Committee of the Apex Children’s Chalet. The supervisor will be responsible for maintaining good relations between the group and occupants of the other lodges in the area. This person will complete the Indemnity Form which is contained in the booklet.

  1. Please refer to page for details of fees and charges for using the Chalet.  Bookings will be cancelled if the required fees and charges are not received by the due date.

22. The completed Indemnity Form and a copy of the completed Group Attendance Record, together with any other relevant documents, are to be forwarded to the Booking Officer no later than five weeks prior to the booking date to confirm the booking. Reminders of bookings are not issued.

23. Organisations using the Chalet must provide the following to the Booking Officer no later than five weeks prior to booking date.

1. Group Attendance Record
2. Completed Indemnity Form
3. Certificate of Currency for Appropriate Insurances

24. The caretaker is to be contacted two weeks prior to arrival, to advise of the groups proposed attendance.

Caretaker’s contact number –
Chalet 02 6457 5320

Time, Money or Goods ...

The ongoing costs of running the Chalet are substantial. During a 12 month period running costs are in excess of $35,000.

This does not include any major maintenance or compulsory safety equipment costs.

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